Tipping the Scale

I hate being a stress case. But today I was. It was hard to let loose—feeling overwhelmed, over tired, and as vacations tend to do—over fed. We’re on an amazing family reunion to celebrate three family birthdays (my aunt’s, my cousin’s and my grandma’s) and yet I’ve been struggling to relax and just have fun. We’re in beautiful Boulder, visiting my cousin’s college town, and seriously, I’ve got to take a chill pill. But with a looming midterm on Monday, I feel like I’m in a bit of bind. I want to have the best time with my family but at the same time, I really want to do well on my test. Decisions, decisions.
I’ve always believed that you should live in the moment; but believing and thinking are two different things. I’m thinking about the future and I how I have to fly home early, by myself, to take this little, forsaken, 40 multiple choice test that according to legend, eats you alive and then spits you out in a little crumpled wad of crinkled papers with a side of dull pencils. I resent it. It’s Easter weekend; aren’t we supposed to be celebrating Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies? Not independent variables and external validity? (It’s a psychology lab course in case those words sound foreign—I’m not so fluent myself).
But in my endless ranting (thank you for listening), there has to be a take home message. Do I throw my studies out the window or do I lock myself up in my hotel room and chat up my computer rather than my family right down the hall? Obviously neither. There has to be a balance of both. But my point is this—sometimes life is out of our control. Clearly. So I guess the best thing we can do is to control what we can and try to find happiness in our best efforts when we don’t have control.  I know that everything will be alright if I just write it down and listen to my intuition (who I’m trying to work out these days).
Whether you’re stressed like me, or enjoying the niceties of life in all of its splendor, I hope that you’ll try to find the balance in your life. We must take care ourselves before we can take care of others (at least to do it well) and so I hope that you will take that time necessary to be a peace with the choices you make.
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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One Response to Tipping the Scale

  1. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Scootering in Bel Air: A little brisk but only in LA!

    2. Meeting Ms. Donahue: What a lovely lady with so many interesting stories to share!

    3. Holding two Emmys: Of thirteen that Ms. Donahue had!

    4. Playing tennis: I had a blast hitting the court with my two gal pals.

    5. Jamba Juice: I keep that place in business lately.

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