Keep Loving on Others

Violence is no issue to take lightly. The word can take shape in many forms: physically, mentally, sexually—on the battlefield, on the street, and in the home. Today I’m specifically focusing on violence in regards to intimate relationships. I was watching Oprah (for better or for worse) and I saw this woman speak on the show about her situation. It was a life changing interview. This woman survived through a bullet to the face and the murder of her mother; all because of her abusive boyfriend. It took that much for her to realize what a dangerous situation it was.
There’s something about dependence that keeps people in these situations; when they think there is no escape. I guess I just want to take this time to say how important it is that we treat not only our partners, but our friends, family, and strangers with respect and kindness. No one deserves to be treated in any other way. Perhaps this post seems random, but I think this is a message that should always be shared. I think we should remind ourselves of how important it is to be mindful of personal abuse and of potential abuse toward those that we know.
The video below is the story of Connie Culp, a woman who experienced a similar situation as described above. This video is a reminder of how we should protect ourselves and our loved ones. There are some very graphic images below, so please take caution before viewing it. I don’t mean to offend or upset anyone; I just think it’s a testament to how careful we need to be.
And may we remember, you never know what someone has been through in their life, so may we love others openly and without judgment.

Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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