Falling into Friends

Maybe you should try tripping some time. Or heck, even falling down the stairs if you’re so inclined. Fun fact: people are more inclined to like you when they see you stuck in acts in clumsiness. I suppose it’s a form of endearment, seeing someone make a fool of themselves. It makes us more human, rather than some pretentious, perfectly perfect person.
I always tend to feel embarrassed when I drop a plate of food, and maybe you feel awkward when you walk into a glass door. But hey, it happens. And hey, let’s admit, as long as no one is hurt, it’s actually pretty funny. Having the ability to laugh at yourself is a charming trait; people will want to laugh with you—not at YOU. Okay, maybe it is at you, but it’s more at your actions than you personally.
Now there are limits to this though. When you start hurting yourself, like breaking your arm or nose, this is a bit too far. Not only is this a huge inconvenience to you, it will also get pretty frustrating answering the relentless “What happened?” question. Also, when you start breaking other things, like their arms or their grandma’s Christmas china dish, people are less likely to like you and more likely to resent you or banish you from their home.
So keep it at a happy medium friends; a little toe stub there, a little funny bone bump there and watch your friends get friendlier!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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