Addicted to Facebook?

You probably visit this blog from Facebook (which I’m not discouraging you to do), or I’m guessing that you have a Facebook that you probably check at least once a day. But after recently watching The Social Network (yes, I know I’m behind), my love for Facebook began to dwindle a bit. Not that it prevents me from visiting multiple times a day still. Who doesn’t love seeing that little red notification box light up the screen after all? But is Facebook really a valuable use of our time? Is stalking a random person’s photos for an hour or re-reading the same news feed that hasn’t changed over the past 45 minutes really worth our while?
We all have lives outside of Facebook (that shouldn’t be dictated by status posts necessarily) and I thought I’d offer some tips on making the most of Facebook so that you can use it to feel happier rather lazier.
1. Leave complimentary comments: If you see a friend looking pretty in a picture, tell them so! If you know them, it won’t come off as creepy at all. Believe me, everyone does a little Facebook stalking; you might as well own up to it!
2. Give yourself a time limit: Limit yourself to 5 minutes if you find yourself constantly going on. Check your notifications and sign off if you feel like it’s becoming a problem.
3. Leave comments for old friends: People love knowing that you were thinking of them. Check on an old friend—don’t let your friendships fade even if you don’t see the person on a daily basis anymore. Facebook is perfect for keeping those friendships strong.
4. Not everyone wants to be your friend: Sure, it’s never a good feeling to find out that someone has de-friended you. (Has that only happened to me?) Instead, take it as an opportunity to learn who your true friends are. Even though the web sometimes has to define black and white friendships, realize that not everyone you meet in your real life is defined as a “friend.”
5. Look back on your pictures: We are much happier when we look back on memories so use Facebook as an online scrapbook. It’s always fun to look back on the trips you took, the people you hung out with, and the outfits you wore.
So have fun with Facebook instead of feeling trapped by it. And now I think I’ll log on…again.
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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One Response to Addicted to Facebook?

  1. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Walk for Wishes: What a perfect way to raise money for such an amazing organization.
    2. Free stuff: Who doesn’t love it?
    3. A summer day: In March—how divine.
    4. Waking up early: I feel so productive! Too bad I had to take a nap later in the day!
    5. The Town: What a movie. Very frightening, but well made.

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