Sunny Star: Madeline Hunt

Our Sunny Star this week is all about happiness. Madeline Hunt is the founder of the Her Campus online magazine of UCLA and she dedicates her time to improving the lives of college women. What I love about Madeline is that she has fresh advice that everyone should hear every now and then. I hope you’ll visit the website for yourself and see what all the fun is about:
Also, I was recently featured as a campus celebrity on the website so you can view it here if you’re interested:
1. You are bringing Her Campus magazine to UCLA. Can you tell us what the magazine is about and how much happiness it has brought you?
Her Campus UCLA is an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to providing students the 411 on everything UCLA-related, from fashion tips to upcoming events to how to live your fabulous life in LA to the absolute fullest! It’s all here!  It has been really rewarding to see the positive response we have received so far from students and other on-campus organizations, starting from the very beginning with enthusiasm to participate and now, with complements from our readers and fan base!
2. What has been your happiest memory with Her Campus thus far?
My happiest memory has been receiving interest from girls, who are so enthusiastic to participate and be a part of our team.  When I initially sent out the recruitment email to gain interest and start building a team, I was worried that I wasn’t going to receive any response!  But, I was completely wrong!  We now have a solid staff of about 10 contributing writers and are still looking to expand our team!
3. How do you think college girls can find more happiness in their lives?
Surround yourself with positive people!  People’s energy is contagious, so if you are always hanging around “Debbie Downers,” chances are you are going to adopt the same dismal attitude, and who wants to be around that?
4. What do you think is the greatest challenge that college girls face today and what do you think they can do to overcome this?
I see a lot of college girls struggling with balancing time between their friends and their boyfriends.  I have witnessed so many girls lose touch with their girlfriends after they start dating a guy and devote all of their time and energy to that one person.  Be sure to maintain relationships with all of your girlfriends and put aside “girl time!”  Even though we are college students and are busy, busy, busy, nothing beats having some quality girl talk!  Plan a girls-night-out once a week, take an hour out of your day and grab coffee with one of your girls, or spend even 5 minutes on the phone and have a quick catch-up sesh!  In the end, you will be happier if you have the best of both worlds, your guy and your girlfriends!
5. How can Her Campus help girls live happier lives?
Her Campus provides girls with the information to make their everyday relationships, emotions, and lives even brighter!  Whether it be the best places to study off-campus, how to manage the stresses of college life, or the best LA hikes, we are determined to provide readers with entertaining tips on how to better their mind, body, and soul, while strengthening the bond between UCLA students and their campus.
Keep Shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook 
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One Response to Sunny Star: Madeline Hunt

  1. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Midterm: Mission completed.
    2. Class with friends: It makes it less painful!
    3. Girl Scout Cookies: Samoas, yes please.
    4. Dance Marathon: A lasting tradition.
    5. Surprises: My favorite kind of present.

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