Lonely, but Happy

Sometimes it’s in moments of forced solitude that we learn so much about ourselves. It was the first night all year that I spent alone in my room and I was surprised by how lonely it felt! It’s odd to me that I used to spend every night alone as an only child and now, in just one night, I miss having the company of my three roommates so much. But I took the time to my advantage and while it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, it reminded me of some lessons that I had forgotten.
It’s not that I didn’t make good use of my time. I watched the Bachelor (I’ve been meaning to catch up), talked to my best friend and my dad, did a session of yoga, and finished my homework. All by myself. And while it shouldn’t be a big deal to spend a night alone, I think it was a little jarring when you’re used to hearing 54 girls laughing and running around a sorority house.
I learned a lot of lessons last night; many of which my best friend and my dad reminded me of:
1. You can only rely on yourself to find happiness. People may try to take it from you, intentionally or not, but you have to decide for yourself how it will affect you.
2. If you work hard enough, you will succeed.
3. Patience is a virtue.
4. This too shall pass; just don’t burn any bridges while you’re trying to pass.
5. You have to love on a friend; especially when you don’t have the desire.
6. Do what you want to do; don’t let other people prevent you from going where you want to go.
7. It’s okay to be alone sometimes.
So that was my night. It wasn’t the easiest but it was one of the more memorable and meaningful.
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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One Response to Lonely, but Happy

  1. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Yoga session: Coming back to the mat.
    2. Bagel and cream cheese: Childhood delight.
    3. Kelly: Always here for me; a true friend.
    4. The Bachelor: Sometimes junk T.V. fixes the craving!
    5. Time alone: It gets me thinking.

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