On the Lookout for New Writers

Normally I write to everyone—no matter what your age, location, or creed. But today I have a specific shout out. As the new contributing editor of the UCLA Greek newspaper The Odyssey, I am looking for new UCLA writers in the Greek community. The newspaper is a great resource for college students to get connected; not only at UCLA but across the country. The Odyssey is a national newspaper that has individual editions at numerous campuses. UCLA started its edition in October and we are looking for new writers, whether they want to guest write once or have a weekly column.
Not sure what to write about? That’s the beauty of it: you can write about whatever your heart desires. As long as it is appropriate! Classy and sassy, I always say. Furthermore, it’s not a huge time commitment. 500 words, once a week, writing about whatever you please, goes by pretty darn fast. As a columnist for the past four months, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process and it’s a new, exciting, and fun project to be a part of! If you are interested in writing or you know someone that might like to write, please feel free to contact me at laurencook5@yahoo.com.
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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