Christmas Cookies=Holiday Cheer

Have you had your favorite Christmas cookie yet? We all have a favorite—there’s nothing like a cookie fresh out of the oven, especially at this time of year. Maybe your mom whips up a batch just for you or maybe you’re a cookie chef yourself, but there’s no doubt that cookies during the holiday season have an extra bite of happiness to them.
I encourage you to expand your cookie horizons this year and try a new recipe out. Okay, let me rephrase for some of you—try to bake a cookie at all! And I mean the flour and the eggs, the whole hullabaloo—none of this Pillsbury in a package business. Part of the great fun is taking the core ingredients and creating a masterpiece—without the aid of a little Dough Boy who we will keep unnamed.
And after you’ve created your cookie creations (or cookie concoction for some of us, myself probably included), spread the holiday cheer by sharing with your friends, family, and even some neighbors. It is a simple gift that always brings a smile to a person’s face, including yours. Maybe if you’re feeling especially daring you can host a holiday cookie party; I’m a big fan of those. Invite your friends over and have each of you bring at least a dozen cookies and then share and switch as much as you like!
Eat up!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
P.S. My favorite Christmas cookie is normally gingerbread men but because I’ve eaten over a dozen of those (hey, they’re mini); I’ve moved on to the Hershey’s Kiss thumbprints. So if anyone feels like having a cookie party…
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One Response to Christmas Cookies=Holiday Cheer

  1. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Sitting by the Christmas tree with my parents: They always have great words of wisdom to offer me.

    2. Baking in the kitchen: Oh, how I love it! Too bad I’m terrible at it…

    3. Steel Magnolias: A classic movie that I can’t resist when it comes on the TV.

    4. Toastmasters: It was good to be back and practice speaking in public again.

    5. Wrapping Christmas presents: One of my favorite holiday activities to do!

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