Happy People Can Shut Up

Have you ever noticed that when someone else is incredibly happy it can make you feel miserably unhappy? Even when we know we’re supposed to be happy for other people, it can be nearly impossible to feel anything but annoyance and frustration. I know, I’ve been there. When you’re having a terrible day and someone comes skipping in and says, “I’m having the best day of my life!”—it’s not the best feeling in the world.
But at the same time, it’s never our right to take away someone’s happiness just because we don’t feel exactly the same way. Feeling jealous only impedes your happiness, not theirs. You should never make someone feel guilty for feeling joy; instead try to focus on how you can feel better in your own way.
Here are a few tips for feeling just as happy as the people around you:
1. Remember who you are: Ask yourself, “Would I want to trade lives with anyone else?” Chances are, no. There is something so special and unique about your life that it’s worth sticking around for. Realize what it is that you’re living for and be happy about that.
2. It’s not just about you: It can be easy to “look out for number one.” But remember that you are only one of 6 billion people. When you look out for others and not just yourself, you will see how we are all connected and that we are here to help each other. Life would be lonely if there was only one.
3. Keep it in perspective: Sure, today may have been an awful day. But will it matter a week, month, or year from now? What may be bringing you down may not be such a big deal in the future.
4. Love others: When we truly love people, we love that they are happy. Try to love selflessly so that eventually, other people’s happiness becomes your happiness.
5. Be thankful: No matter what we may be experiencing, there is always something in our lives to be grateful for. We just have to choose to acknowledge it and focus on it instead of the negativity in our lives. When we make a conscious decision to have a positive attitude, we will be much more naturally inclined to happiness.
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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4 Responses to Happy People Can Shut Up

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  2. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. A day at Disneyland: I had the absolute best day! I was with some of my favorite people and it was so magical. Happiest day at the happiest place on Earth!

    2. World of Color: The most amazing show I have ever seen.

    3. Clam chowder bread bowls: My favorite!

    4. Whirlwind: I love the way roller coaster get the wind in your face and that drop in your stomach.

    5. Honesty: I’m grateful that I’ve said what I wanted to say.

  3. Madi DiPietro says:

    I absolutely love that you wrote a post about this! I feel like we were just talking about this walking back from Sociology the other day:) See you tonight sista!

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