The Sunny Set: #250

Hopefully we go a little faster than that.

UCLA is a beautiful campus. I wish I took more time to really notice how lovely it is. There are many days when I look around and say to myself, “How do I get to go here?” I feel so grateful to have the opportunity and I always hear my friends say the same thing. We are proud Bruins!

Many of my Sunny Set goals revolve around happenings at UCLA and I’ve had many of my sorority sisters especially express interest in achieving this Sunny Set goal…
#250: Go ice-blocking at UCLA.
I’m so excited for this; Janss steps here we come! So if you’re interested in a chillingly good time, just leave a comment below and we’ll plan to go! (At least, if you’re a UCLA student—no Trojans are welcome!)  I’m happy already just thinking about it! Granted, I
Any other ideas for entertaining things to do on any of your campuses?
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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