Weather Report: Week 18

As this week comes to a close, I can’t help but feel ecstatic. I’ve been on somewhat of a Disney craze these days with the blog and I guess my dream is becoming a reality–I’m off to Disneyland for the day! How can you not be happy at the happiest place on earth? I hope that you have a great day as well—whatever you may be up to. Try to catch yourself smiling today and see how often you really do have a genuine smile on your face; it’s all about appreciating those moments that bring you bliss.
What happened this week at the Sunny Side Up?
1. It’s been a real whirlwind! I saved a five day old kitten with my sorority sisters (which you can read about here), and my best friend Kelly and I had the most relaxing day at the spa with massages and all.
2. Our sorority hosted our annual fundraiser, a tug-of-war contest, for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You can read more about that here. All the sororities and fraternities arrived for a Greek competition—as I say though, “Tug for Wishes, not for War!”
3. The book writing is underway! I finally admitted to myself that writing an hour every day is not always plausible. So now I write for a half hour every day which is a much more manageable goal. Speaking of which, the goal-setting chapter is almost done!
Next week at the Sunny Side Up!
1. I am attempting to get 1,000 Facebook fans for the Sunny Side Up! Please “like” us today and share the message with your friends!
2. Our house will be having its election of new officers, which we call slating. As the Personnel chair, it is my job to prepare for this event so I hope everything runs smoothly.  I’ll let you know how it goes!
3. I will be applying for internships. I’ve realized that the Disney College Program isn’t the perfect fit for me unfortunately but I may apply for an internship at the Disney studios or work with Jack Canfield.
I hope you have a marvelous week filled with sunshine both on the inside and the outside! Let’s make the most of every day. Something important that I learned this week is the value of selflessness and never giving up on people (or kittens for that matter). So this week help out a friend who needs your support; let them know that you’re there for them!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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One Response to Weather Report: Week 18

  1. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Time to write: I’m finally making the time to write. I think I was so overwhelmed by the task but I’m realizing that even baby steps will eventually get you to the finish line.

    2. Blackout: Our house went out of power but it was fun playing sardines!

    3. Spontaneity: I’ve realized that I’m not the most spontaneous person but last night my friends and I decided on a whim to go out—oo, what an adventure!

    4. Report on Brad: I’m so glad to hear that the kitten we rescued is alive and well. He’s opened his eyes and he’s quite a talker I hear!

    5. Brunch: Our house goes all out for Friday brunch. As do I…

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