Happy Halloween?

I’m always a little surprised they call it “happy” when it’s all about scaring the living daylights out of you. It’s a time of ghoulish masks, haunted walk-throughs, and maybe even the occasional saw chasing or two. How can practically peeing in your pants make you so happy? I’m lost on that one. But then maybe there’s something in our human nature that enjoys the thrill–crying because you’re so scared or catching your breath from running away so fast—somehow it’s enjoyable to us. I think it’s because we know it’s pretend. Now if Hannibal Lecter really existed, or in my case the Phantom of the Opera, Halloween would be anything but happy.

As the Sunny Girl, I decided to be a bumblebee!

With that being said, I hope you’re able to find happiness this Halloween evening. My best advice? Moderation—in all aspects. Not too much frightening; we can’t have you girls ruining your much too small costumes. And not too much candy; we all know how the Reeses and Snickers feel in our stomachs after the fifth piece. And lastly, not too many scary movies…it is a Sunday after all.

To all of my Sunny sidekicks, I hope you have a fantastic night! Go get some candy (you’re never too old to trick or treat in my opinion…well maybe you are but who cares?) and don your best costume (the Mona Lisa headpiece has been my favorite this season). Enjoy then night, be safe, and…
HAPPY Halloween!
Keep shining, (Jack Nicholson)
The Sunny (Scary) Girl, Lauren Cook
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One Response to Happy Halloween?

  1. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Wind my hair: Driving along the California freeway in a convertible–what a day!

    2. The Rosebowl: I always enjoy being a Bruin fan!

    3. A night at home: It’s so nice to make a quick trip home to visit my family and enjoy their company.

    4. Spontaneity: It’s nice to see where a night can take you when you’re not sure how it will end.

    5. Trust: It’s nice to know that you can trust people even when others will try to betray you.

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