Confessions of a Semi-Shopaholic

I’m guilty. I think I’ve been keeping Forever 21 in business lately. Of course there’s the temporary shopper’s high, but it doesn’t last. It can be easy to think that our happiness can come from material possessions, and while it does give us a boost, it is only temporary. Sooner than later, we’re right back to where we started.
I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been more of a shopper than usual and I’m not sure what the root cause may be. Could it be the college environment where it’s always fun to have a new outfit and where they’re so many different occasions that call for so many different pieces? (Costume party anyone?) Or perhaps the occasional compliment? No matter what the cause, I need to limit my spending. And that’s the problem; everything in modern is fine but my credit card and I tend to binge. I think it’s time that we both had some detox time away from H&M and every other trendy place that always seems to catch my eye.
It’s time to stop—shopping isn’t making me feel happy; it’s making me feel guilty. I’m planning on getting a job soon and I think it’s time I appreciate the value of a hard earned dollar a little more before I spend a hundred of them. With that being said, this one’s for you, Daddy!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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