Book of the Month: Always Looking Up

I love you Michael, but not your book. We have all heard of his story; Michael J. Fox is the leading activist for Parkinson’s Disease and he has made courageous strides on a political and personal level for this currently incurable disease. Sadly I feel a bit mislead, though. I carefully select a Book of the Month each month and Fox’s book, Always Looking Up is a sadly deceiving title. While his optimism is clearly evident in his memoir, it unfortunately doesn’t offer any optimism for his readers. He details meaningless anecdotes about his experience at the Tour de France and his political dealings during the Bush/Kerry campaign. While these are nice stories, they wield little emotional impact for his readers.
I hate giving up on a book but it’s been over a month and I can’t even break the 100 page mark. Yes I’ve been busy but I felt like a three year old being force fed peas and carrots with this one. I think a better choice would be Michael J. Fox’s Lucky Man, which was his first memoir. From what I hear, it seems to be more personal and meaningful because Fox let’s you into his mentality and coping mechanisms; whereas Always Looking Up is just a daily journal lacking flavor and personality. Better luck reading next time!
If you have any book suggestions I’d be happy to hear about them!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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