Weather Report: Week 10

This week had a few patches of clouds but the rays of sunshine were always able to poke through. It was Rush practice and the days were long…full of singing, standing, and cheering. However, there were so many fun experiences throughout the week that were especially meaningful alongside my sorority sisters. We went bowling, celebrated Lauren’s birthday, and we went to the beach together. The week was full of laughter and chatter…happy memories galore!
And yes, I did accomplish Sunny Set Goal #123, which you can read about here. I scored over 100 by the seventh round; three strikes total! Never mind the bumpers…We had the best time dancing and singing along to the songs in the neon bowling alley. And then, we realized that not only Miley Cyrus, but also the Jonas Brothers were there. Aren’t you excited? Not really? Well 100 sorority girls were absolutely jazzed…
So what happened this week at The Sunny Side Up!
  • Unfortunately I had to deactivate my Facebook for Rush. I will have it back in a little over a week. Stay tuned with the blog though; I’ll still be writing!
  • It was a week of Sisterhood—it is my second week living in the sorority house and I’ve loved it so far. When else can you share a room with your best friend or walk down the hall to talk to your other friends?
  • The writing continues; I’m really making an effort to write an hour every day.
I’d like to especially thank Hannah Francis for being this week’s Sunny Star. To read her full story about her love of horses, you can go here.
Next week at The Sunny Side Up!
  • School is starting on Thursday! Bruin pride has already begun though—we’re going to the game tonight and tomorrow we’ll go to the Bruin Bash concert to celebrate a new year!
  • Rush will be going on from Wednesday until Sunday. We will be welcoming over 800 girls into our sorority house and selecting about 50 new girls to become Chi Omegas; this is the most important week of the year for the Greek community at UCLA.
  • Blogging will continue, even though it will still be sans-Facebook. As will the writing of the book; one hour at a time!
Have an unbelievably sunny week! There will be a lot of yellow in my life; new pencils, school buses, and yellow for Bruin pride! Make note of the sunny things in your life this week!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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One Response to Weather Report: Week 10

  1. thesunnygirl says:

    My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Pictures at the beach: Even though it was a little chilly, we girls had so much fun frolicking around in the waves. Such a sorority thing to say.

    2. Key lime gelato: Absolutely delicious; and for the record, (I got in a debate over this with my sister, Kelly) it is healthier than ice cream!

    3. Bruin pride: It’s nice to be back. I’m a proud Bruin and I had fun getting dolled up in our blue and gold!

    4. Winning the game: Perhaps as Chi Omegas we brought some good luck with us because the Bruins finally won! I had so much fun being in the stands with my friends and cheering when our team made all those touchdowns.

    5. Late night Dennys: Chocolate chip pancakes, hot cocoa, and laughter is the best.

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