13 Ways to Make a Woman Happy

I recently read Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, written by John Gray, Ph.D., and I have to say that I think Dr. Gray is from another planet, too. He claims that men are like rubber bands and that their partners need to give them the emotional distance they need so that they can escape to their man “cave” (a total cop out, in my opinion). He also claims that women are like waves and that men need to be ready for a woman’s bottomless wells of despair that can come frequently and unexpectedly. Are we really that unstable, ladies?
But Dr. Gray did have a list that I absolutely loved. And I think all of you women will love it, too! (Maybe subtly share it with that special someone?) So to all of you gentleman: I highly recommend reading this list and doing at least one of these things for that special someone today. I promise that you’ll feel happier for surprising her and she’ll feel happier for your expression of kindness and love!
Gray has a list of 101 ideas but here are 13 of my favorites:
  1. Bring her flowers as a surprise but also for special occasions (I’m such a sucker for this!).
  2. Compliment her on how “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, and/or “stunning” she is.
  3. Four hugs a day, that’s the minimum. NOT the maximum! (I learned this song in kindergarten, so it must be true).
  4. Grab her hand when walking or just sitting together. Don’t make her always reach for your hand.
  5. Plan a date night; take her to her favorite restaurant, see a movie that she’ll enjoy, or do an exciting new adventure that she’s always wanted to try.
  6. Text her first or give her a call before she does. (This especially makes my day!)
  7. Be pleasant. Seeing you in a great mood will encourage her to be happy as well.
  8. Dance passionately with her; even if no one is around. Most women LOVE to dance.
  9. Laugh at her jokes. Tell her how cute she is when she does something silly rather than stare at her like she’s an alien.
  10. Smile when you look at her. Make a point of making meaningful eye contact with her.
  11. Kiss her in public. Many women love that you acknowledge your relationship to others.
  12. Tell her “I love you” at least once a day.
  13. The main thing is to INITIATE. I’ll let you use your imagination from there…
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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2 Responses to 13 Ways to Make a Woman Happy

  1. wow my husband does’nt do any of this wow .I would freak if he did wondering what he was up to.

  2. thesunnygirl says:

    1. Great week at the beach house: Every summer my grandma rents a beach house and we had the best time just enjoying each other’s company. Some of the highlights of the week were long walks on the beach with my mom, making crème brulee with Lauren, having a sleepover with Lizzy, and sitting by the fire late in the night.

    2. Greetings from Kiko: Siamese cats are such talkers. He was practically yelling at me in his big cat howl when I arrived home. He doesn’t like it when I’m gone apparently!

    3. New bed sheets: Nothing like fresh linens.

    4. Glenn Beck: I’m not his biggest fan but I did like what he had to say to college students today: to question everything. And that includes you, Glenn Beck.

    5. I love you’s: I love how my mom tells me she loves me at random times throughout the day.

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